Tiger Shirt

Icon Collection

The shirt is made of 93% bio cotton Swiss Supima Cotton and 7% elastane. Supima Cotton convinces with its silky glimmer and the particularly soft pleasant-to-wear sensation. The elaborate finishing processes such as the embroideries from GOTS-certificated yarns, digital and foil print turn the shirts into exceptionally favourite pieces.

EUR 288,00

1691REN Single Jersey
93 % Swiss Supima Cotton
7 % Elastane

Don’t spin
Bleaching not allowed
Don’t dry in tumble dryer
Iron at low temperatur
Iron on left side
Don’t clean chemically
Wash at 30°C on left side


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Europe: 2 – 10 business days



Largest wild cat of the world. Its independency is legendary. Unchallenged within its territory, setting marks of superiority. Astonishing that the striking stripe patterns are functioning as optimal camouflage in the jungle. Ever since, humans are getting caught up by the magical fascination of tigers. The lean and agile animals are feared as particular cunning and torn hunters. Skillfulness and elegance demand blatant admiration. On the other hand the tiger is known for its wisdom, ranks as bringer of light and helper in need. Inside the color play of the tiger presentation for the ICON COLLECTION fine details encounter strong contours. Maria Ainedters’ theme Jungle Noblesse conveys the request to connect with one’s own wild side. Simultaneously the tiger has a nearly playful look out at the world. Untamed energy and cat walk form a convincing Liaison.


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