Avepaso goes against established classifications. Its signature objects contain elements of minimalism that are faced by opulent designs. Avepaso celebrates an intense feeling of life, carried by a return of sensuality, the poetry of the street, the speed of an urban intermezzo. Avepaso dives into the most exciting scenes and interprets timelessness in a new outfit.

Significantly, the objects tell a story. From a kingdom far away from routines derive the extravagant animals themes. But their dynamics are being transferred and inspire to individual statements. The horizon embraces more than time schedules and business dates. Independence is strength. Avepaso understands that life is multifaceted. The products become perceptible style elements. That’s how an attitude towards life arises that goes all the way.

The surface is polished and shines seductively, but only represents a beginning, an entry point to an unexpected dimension full of surprises. To enjoy pleasure all senses are necessary. How one can lay back inside the world of multilayered fragrances. Avepaso is reflected in the sparkle of luxury brands while always reserving the liberty to set own standards. Not obliged to any Tradition Avepaso creates its objects from street styles, elegant features and own interpretations of upcoming trends. The exclusive furniture series revives mid century modern objects.

Avepaso rises to challenge the contradiction of today’s life styles. It’s a matter of seeing, but also feeling and touching, being aware of the moment. Transitorial moments are banned into intensive pictures. The overpowering of sensual beauty stands out from the ordinary. Accents in this area strengthen the moment.

Avepaso produces its signature objects with the conviction that only best quality and sustainability retain value over time. Organically produced cotton provides the ICON COLLECTION with an extraordinary pleasant-to-wear sensation. The artful refinements of the t-shirts consist of non-toxic yarns in bright colors. Cotton and yarns are GOTS-certificated. With the INTANGIBLES, Avepaso presents intensive fragrances. The unisex perfume Future Baroque and the room fragrance Brocade Allusion enchant the senses with a multitude of natural ingredients. The furniture series RANDOM TITBITS lives by masterly skilled finishing. Its quality is emphasized by high-quality fabrics and laminates. New technologies mark the beginning of table surfaces like NANO. All products from Avepaso are made in the EU under fair and transparent conditions.

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